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Matt's Gear

For all you Bass Players (or anybody else that is interested), here are my equipment setups.

  • I have a 30's-40's Juzek carved bass. The neck has been reset by Bill Merchant in NYC. Bob Beerman at The Bass Violin Shop in Greensboro NC, repaired 17 years worth of cracks and made adjustments that fine-tuned the instrument after those years of playing.

  • Kolstein French Bow - it's great.

  • Wiedoeft Bass Rosin.

  • Pirastro Perpetual Strings

  • Shadow pick-up and a Fishman Platinum (pre-amp)

  • Markbass Micro Bass Amp

  • Carvin 1x15 Micro Bass Amp

  • Acoustic Image extension

  • Walter Woods amp with An Acoustic Image speaker 

  • I use a Merchant Vertical Bass electric upright bass for many things. It is a great instrument. I use it on all kinds of gigs.













      Merchant in St Croix. 



















The Juzek at Ziggys                        






















66 Fender in Boone

On the electric side I use two old Fenders: 

  • I have a Candy Apple red Jazz from 1966.

  • I use a Sunburst '69 Jazz with a Warmoth fretless neck. 

  • Everything is stock except the bridge saddles on the '66 are Mighty Mites. The originals just ate strings alive. I still have them. The '66 I got in '72 for $200. It still rocks.

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