Deep Into It
Photo by Owens Daniels from the "Birth Of The Cool" photo shoot
Jazz At Tate's
John Wilson-drums, Matt-bass, Ken Rhodes-piano.
Carolina Live!
Carolina Music Ways performance at the 2016 Texas Pete Festival
The Jungle Book Band
John Wilson, Matt, Annalise Stalls. A great production with a mostly improvised score. 2014
Federico Pivetta, Matt, John Wilson.
Tragedy AD
A great band I was in while in high school. This is 1974. front to back. Emanuel Williams-drums, Duke Graham-sax, Matt-bass, Terry Howell-percussion, Michael Williams-keys, Jimi Vail-guitar, Vernon Simms-keys, Coleman Freeman-vocals leader, Alex Scarborough-vocals,
Way Back in The 80's
Here we are: Steve Kirkman, Chris Murrell, Matt, Federico Pivetta
Mark Freundt Trio
A long time ago. Danny Frye-drums, Mark Freundt-piano, Matt bass
Outa the Bag  in the early 80's. Downtown Winston on the slab. Noontime concerts that were hot as ..
L-R, Federico Pivetta-keys, Wally West-sax, Jason Brashear-drums, Matt-bass. This was the hottest gig. Out in the noonday sun on a concrete slab. Broiled alive.
The Big Chill
Matt-bass, Diana Tuffin-vocals, Ken Rhodes-piano
Loading in Jazz At Tate's
Roberto Orihuela bringing his vibes in.
Jazz At Tate's
Gig at Four Seasons Mall
This was back in the early 2000's. Matt, Karen kendrick, John Wilson, Alan Neese
Speakeasy  12/29/2005
Melva Houston, Matt at the Speakeasy Jazz Club in W.S.
Matt Kendrick Trio
Here we are at the Reynolda House in 2015 playing some Art/Jazz. John Wilson-drums, Matt Kendrick-bass, Michael Kinchen-sax
Cole Porter Show 2007
Matt, John Wilson and Wally West at a concert in Old Salem.
Marshall Hill and Company
A road show band Matt was in. This was 1979.
Matt and Alan Neese
Here we are in St. Croix back in the 90's
Clyde Edgerton & the Rank Strangers
In Atlanta
Music Circus
Lynn Book and I at the Music Circus at Wake Forest University.
The Matt Kendrick Unit
1991 at Reflection Studios. We were recording "Unity and Alienation" left to right: Steve Blake, Matt, Jack King, Abdullah Rahman, Alan Neese
The Jazz Wizards
Karen Kendrick, Alan Neese, John Wilson
Jazz At Tate's  12/23/14
L to R Cameron MacMannus, Matt, Chris Murrell, Micheal Kinchen and Heather.
Trio in Stairwell (WS Journal)
The Ken Rhodes Trio
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